Doing charity is a religious duty of Muslims

Humanitarian aid is the only help for people that have nothing to eat and nowhere to go. And the aid comes from kind hearted Muslims that do charity for two reasons. First reason is religious and second reason is social. Every able Muslim is duty bound to spend a part of his/her income on charity and it is the religious duty of every able Muslim.

Muslims have formed groups to do charity. These groups are called Muslim charities UK and these organizations request Muslims from across the globe to donate funds to charity. Donors can choose their mode of payment from different options like online payment and cash payment. And the donors are provided receipts against payments.

What is your contribution?

If you are earning then you must set aside a certain amount from your income for doing charity. The amount could be one dollar or million dollars depending upon your strength to help others. But the amount donated shouldn’t cause any stress or burden on your pocket. You shouldn’t feel disturbed or burdened while donating money to a help group.

Contribution should come from within

You should feel that you should help others. It is your religious duty but more than religion, it is your social obligation. Everything belongs to Allah and those who are starting look at Allah for help. Allah has made you able to earn money and buy and bread butter for your family. Allah wants you to use your power to earn to help others.


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