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Make sure your charity money is used for the cause you support

Charity is relief work for the needy and poor and it is done without expecting any favor from the needy people. When one does charity, the person really wants to help. There are many groups that provide people an opportunity to do charity.

Whenever there is a natural calamity in any part of the globe, charities rush to the affected area to help displaced people. The charity groups distribute relief material like food, clothing and medicines to the victims of natural calamity. The groups collect funds for buying relief material hence it is the donors that provide help.

Which charity group should I donate money to?

When you want to do charity, you would find many groups appealing donors to donate money for different causes like relief material for victims of natural calamities and wars. Also they appeal people to donate money for development work like digging wells to provide clean...

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Development of underdeveloped areas with charity work

Orphans have no one to take care of them and poor and ailing elderly people are always worried about their falling health. Some areas are deprived of development facilities like medical healthcare center, schools and orphanages. It is only charity groups that care of the needy and poor…… read more

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What to look into when donating funds for charity?

A charity group is always appealing to people to donate money for its charity projects like buying relief material for victims of natural calamities and to help the needy and poor like orphans and homeless people….. read more

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Take precautions when donating money for charity

Millions of dollars are donated for charity without thinking whether the money would be used for relief work or for personal development. It’s true that charity groups spend donation to help the needy and poor but there are groups that come into existence just to make money in the name of charity…… read more

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Finding a cause for doing charity

Muslims need no reason for doing charity as they take it seriously. For them, charity is way to worship Allah. The needy and poor pray to Allah for help and they get help. Allah gives wisdom to Muslim people so that they collect funds and buy relief material for the needy and poor…… read more

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Charity should be always for the needy and poor

When nature strikes, it destroys civilizations and the survivors look for help. They pray to God to send someone to help and Allah sends his followers to help the victims or survivors of disasters. Similarly the needy and poor need help and they wait for charity groups to take note of their plights….. read more

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Process of fund collection for charity work

Charity groups need funds for carrying out relief work. There are many people who have nothing to eat and they are forced to spend their lives in open. Some people are suffering because they have lost everything in natural calamities and some people are victims of political and social conflicts…… read more

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Easy to send relief material to victims of natural calamities

Take help of a charity group to extend a helping hand the needy people, if you are really serious about helping others. There are people shivering under cold as they have no shelter and also there are people living without food as there is no one to provide them food…… read more

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Helping a charity group is helping the needy and poor

Flood survivors of Pakistan have nowhere to go as they have lost everything to the flood waters. Similarly Iraqi people are preparing to battle the cold in open as they have no roof over their heads. There are many people that are forced to live life in seclusion as they have no means to get bread and butter…… read more

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Save a poor family from winter chill

Every year millions of people die in winter as they are left in the open to brave winter chill. They have nowhere to go as they are victims of natural calamities and political problems. They need help and they get help by Islamic charity groups that arrange winter kits for them….read more

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