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You need a reason to do charity

Muslims are quite helpful and this is evident from Islamic charity groups that work for the betterment of underprivileged across the globe. These groups know no boundaries and also they can easily communicate with citizens of the world.

These organizations understand needs of victims and they are always ready to help. They have funds and development plans to help people affected by natural calamities and man-made tensions. But it is advisable that Muslims look for best charities to donate to as some groups are trying to take advantage of the donations made for charity.

Find reliable charity group

It learns that Muslims make donations to the first group they find on the web or that approaches them first. They donate money without knowing how their money is going to be used and sometimes they make silly mistake that is no asking for receipt against donation. If you are donating money...

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Charity to provide emergency relief and medical aid to the needy and poor

Every year millions of people take shelter in shelter homes run by charity groups to escape the fury of nature. Also citizens of politically unstable countries get help from charity groups. Islamic groups are helping people affected by natural calamities and victims of political ambitions of countries…..Read more

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Urge from a charity group that needs money for its projects

Charity groups collect funds in the name of victims of natural and man-made disasters and they invest the money collected to help victims of civil wars and natural calamities. Donating money to charity groups is equal to extending a helping hand to the needy and poor….. read more

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How to find right charity group for doing charity?

A charity group is a humane organization formed to help the needy and poor. Its objective is to provide relief to helpless and emergency relief to victims of natural calamities and man-made tensions.

If you want to help others, you can find an Islamic charity organisation that is doing good work. There are many charity groups and every group has one objective that is to provide relief to destitute and helpless. You can donate money to any group you find reliable but you should be careful in your selection of a charity group.

Determine reliability of a charity group

See its work and go through its projects and appeals. Gather information about the group from its website and also from newspaper reports. Know the group, see its team and also meet its donors. You can find comprehensive information about a charity group from its website.

Donate funds online but don’t forget to take...

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Help a charity group to help the needy and poor

Kind hearted people want to help others as they feel moved by the plight of the needy and poor. Other people want to give back to the society what they got from society. Some people do charity as a service to the almighty. There are many reasons to do charity…… read more

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Doing charity through charity organizations

It is learnt that able people want to do charity with whatever money they have but they don’t know how to help others. Charity groups approach them for funds but they are afraid that the groups might not use the money for charity…… read more

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Many ways to help the poor and downtrodden

Orphans rely on help. They have nowhere to go and there is no one to help them. They don’t go to schools and also they don’t get proper food and clothing. They are malnourished and they live in constant fear…… read more

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How charity funds are collected?

Charity organizations rely on help by others. The organizations work to fulfill wishes of people that want to help others. For instance, you want to help flood victims of Kashmir but you are unable to go to Kashmir and distribute relief packets. Here you can take advantage of an organization working in Kashmir…… read more

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Reasons and ways for doing charity

One must do charity as it is the only way to please the almighty. Allah wants you to help others. You are made able so that you can help others. By helping others you can get blessings of Allah. There are many ways to help others…… read more

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Donate funds to charity work in areas affected with natural disasters

A natural calamity can happen anytime and this the world witnessed in Kashmir. The beautiful valley was submerged in water with everything from hutments to high-rise buildings submerged in water. Similar calamities were witnessed in other parts of the world…… read more

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