Ummah Welfare Trust

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A reason to donate money for charity

Muslims help others. They are helpful and this is evident from Muslims forming groups to help others. They collect funds to carry out development work. They view the world as a global village and citizens of the world as their brothers and sisters…… read more

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Funds for charity are used for development of underprivileged

Are you able to run a business? You some abilities and you can earn money according to your abilities. You might be a businessman or an average worker. It’s your ability that determines whether you are able to meet your requirements or not….. read more

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Charity groups formed by Muslim brotherhood

Poor people look at their able brothers for help. They know that rich and affluent persons can provide them food, clothing and shelter. They believe that Allah would ask Muslims of the world to come forward for their help and they are right in thinking so….. read more

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Charity through an Islamic organization

There is a need to do charity as there are many people who live on help extended by able persons. A poor family that has nothing to eat and drink would certainly wait for someone to come with food and water. There are people who do charity to help poor families…… read more

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How charity in Islam done?

Muslims donate funds generously to help their brothers that are suffering from natural calamities and unstable polity. Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria and African countries are perfect examples of people suffering from due to no fault of theirs. Funds donated by Muslims go to these people…… read more

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Receive Bountiful of Joy by Donating at Ummah Welfare Trust

Ummah Welfare Trust is one of the leading Muslim charity organizations, delivering help to thousands of Muslims in Islamic communities in Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East. There are other Muslim charity organizations as well which serves the poor Islamic communities and those who get uprooted from their homes due to wars and natural disasters. Ummah Welfare Trust not only provides help to Islamic communities during such difficult times but also develops different facilities to help them continue with their livelihoods….. read more

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Ummah Welfare Trust Working to help Islamic Communities

In Islam, charity is considered an essential part of living. Helping fellow brothers and sisters in Islam bring harmony in Muslim communities. It is regarded that through charities one can achieve the graces of Allah. Ummah Welfare Trust is a non-profit Islamic charity organization providing assistance for healthy survival to several Islamic communities. It endeavours in creating balanced living conditions for socially deprived and neglected Islamic communities. During the catastrophic wars and natural disasters, Ummah Welfare Trust outpours medication, food, clothes and facilities of shelter. Doing charities for Islamic communities and undertaking several developmental tasks for unprivileged Muslim men, women and children are the functional roles of Ummah Welfare Trust…… read more

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Best Non-Profit Muslim Charity Organization

Ummah Welfare Trust’s sole purpose is to provide assistance to Islamic communities during times of wars and natural calamities. Ummah Welfare Trust is one of the leading Islamic charity organizations, which caters in developing lives of millions of Muslims who suffer losses due to wars and natural calamities. Islamic communities of Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East are the concerned areas for Ummah Welfare Trust. Whenever there is a time of crisis in any Islamic community, Ummah Welfare Trust immediately dispatches relief for them….. read more

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Raise Money for Donating at Ummah Welfare Trust

You can raise money for donating at Ummah Welfare Trust by creating an account at This is online domain enables you to gather donations by people from different regions for the developmental projects undertaken by Ummah Welfare Trust. You can create your webpage for donation instantly through Your want for supporting Ummah Welfare Trust can be easily accomplished with…… read more

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Donate to Help Your Fellow Brothers and Sisters across Boundaries

One of the remarkable objectives of the Ummah Welfare Trust is to deliver help to all Islamic communities facing distraught due to wars and natural calamities in Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East. The developmental projects such as establishing schools, income generation methods, health centres, drinking water facilities are mostly common for the development of unprivileged Islamic communities…… read more

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